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Testimonial Nov 2011
ďWhen I first met Tania Parker I was like Humpty Dumpty Ė Iíd had a big fall. But unlike all the kings horses and all the kings men, Tania did put me back together again. I had been physically very unwell and mentally and emotionally drained, the results of surgery complications and years of overworking. This was unknown and frightening territory for me and I needed help. Thatís when I rang and made an appointment with Tania which turned out to be the best choice I could have made.

When I didnít know what to do or even what I needed, Tania calmly, intelligently and intuitively found the way to creating a path to complete wellness for me and Iím delighted to say that Iím still thriving upon it. If you need the assistance of someone who is not only kind and patient, someone who is dedicated and committed and someone whoís skills and ability go far beyond her excellent qualifications, then Tania Parker is who you need to call. I cannot recommend Tania highly enough!

Maria, Melbourne, Vic.Ē

Migraines and ongoing Headaches:

Testimonial Oct 2010:

Thanks Tania for your time on Saturday, I know it must be draining work and I want you to know I appreciate it. My sessions support me very well, better than a lot of counselling I've had over the years!  I
am so thankful that I had seen you prior to this happening and had already started back on Phos. I can't tell you how amazed I am at how I've coped and felt. At any point over the last 20 years I would have
collapsed into depression and grief quickly and internalized it all. I would have spent weeks in bed disconnecting from everything. So I am so pleased and kind of proud to have not missed any work, to have been out socializing and to have remained present to my kids. Anyway, a big thanks :)

The flower essence I think is helping me to stay calm on the inside and forgive myself and consequently forgive my ex. I feel compassionate towards myself and like I deserve a good life. The Phos is still holding well and I feel very good on it. I've taken 1 dose of 200 since I saw you. This 200 a couple of times a week feels just right for now.

I've had no headaches, my throat is improving slowly, my finger soreness almost gone and my digestive system is working like clockwork again! I haven't had any chest pain but still a bit of dizziness, although not nearly as bad or as frequent. So there is the update!!!"

Thanks so much,   
(Oct 2010)

Dermatitis on Hands and Feet:

Female age 23 presents in November 2008 with dermatitis. Since March 2008 has had dermatitis which began on her feet, then went to hands and head.  Comes up initially in clear bubbles then dries up, goes hard like a callous and then peels.  It is very itchy prior to peeling.  Now mainly on feet and in palms of hands, sides of fingers and < crease of thumbs.  On Both sides of body.  Overall, skin is very dry.  Has tried Calendula cream which helps keep the skin moisturized but doesnít stop peeling or red smaller cracks.

Initially Doctor thought is might be Tinea so did fungal creams and didnít work.  Then used cortisone creams which helped a little but not clearing it.

May 08  Moved into Fatherís house.  Nervous about this prior to move.  Wrote a lot in her diary. Father alcoholic, very difficult to live with.

June 08 Split up with boyfriend of 3yrs.

Mind quick, fast learner, good memory for numbers.  Swears a lot, says it as it is.  Short tempered.

Parentís divorced when aged 8.

Bullied in High School.  Fights with Father and Mother, boyfriend.

Left home at 18yrs of age.

Enjoys Music; can remember what was doing at the time of songs.  Plays guitar, writes music.

Hates reading, eyes hurt.  Has glasses for short distance.

History of: Scalp chunks of skin peeling off in middle on left side. Asthma and Eczema on shins. Conjunctivitis and Ear infections.

Usually gets 1 cold per year this year got 2 colds.  Has the Flu shot every year.

Teeth natural and strong but 1 wisdom tooth rotted away.

Cravings for bizarre things and changes.  Has been; Peanut, Spaghetti, Coconut, Lollies,  watermelon.

Loved Milk as a child and still does.

Thirst low has 2 glasses water per day.

Digestion fast, hunger pains even after eating meal.  Always hungry within 1-1.5hrs of meal.

Ankles weak.  Give out easily.  Knees sore when put on weight.  Has begun dieting now and lost some.

Limbs have sensation of numbness like just been sat on.  Uncomfortable feeling. Worse Left.

Circulation gets cold feet.

Period just prior to onset pain so strong (+++) can pass out worse 9-10am.  Pain tapers off after 1-2 hours and has a dull ache over 2 days.  Then on 1st day of period is weak and tired and eyes can have dark circles around. 

Fears: Sharks are fast and can eat you.

Prefers Cool.  Hates heat and burns easily.

Extra Notes: She said she had tried lots of medications but didnít feel they were helping.  Though when she was recommended to try Homeopathy she wasnít so keen, but figured other things werenít working so gave it a go.

Result of analysis:

Using facial analysis I noted her features fitted in the "Blue" Miasm set of remedies.

I gave her a Blue Remedy in drops to be taken once daily.  Asking her to follow up 2 weeks and she could email me if need to.


8 days: She emailed me;  ďGreat news.  The remedy seems to be working quite well.  My feet are almost completely clear and there is a significant difference in my hands. There is still new growth coming through, but it is a lot less and is slower.Ē  She was still using Calendula Cream to help keep dryness away.

I asked if she was using the cream on her feet and she wasnít.  She was only using it on her hands.  I explained that the remedy was working internally to help clear her hands and feet via her whole system. I also explained that it would take a few more weeks to clear the deeper layers of the skin and after this the new growth should be better.

Continue with Remedy once daily.

15 days:  At her appointment follow up: Feet almost clear.  Hands have stopped peeling and are clearing.  No spots on fingers.  Itching greatly reduced, only occurs as new skin grows a bit. Dry skin over legs and arms also improving.  Still getting bizarre cravings but now not acting upon them. 

Continue taking Remedy daily.

 4 weeks follow-up: Hands almost gone, little left in thumb cracks and slightly under toes. Dry skin gone on arms and legs. Period pain occurred during flow this time with just one day of pain.

 As it was now clearing I decided to gradually reduce frequency of dose.  We changed to taking remedy every 2nd day for 2 weeks, and then she was to email me to check if was still clearing. 

6 weeks : ďJust an update as promised. My hands have seen no change and I still canít see any new growth coming through.  I really think youíve done it! Thank you soooo much for helping me out with this, I really appreciate it.  

Remedy dose changed to three times per week.

10 weeks: Has stopped remedy skin all clear and periods back to normal - no pain.

6 Months: Skin still clear and periods good to.


Case By:
Tania Parker
, Adv.Dip. Classical Homeopath, Dip. Kinesiology.

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