I offer individual Kinesiology & Homeopathy sessions or a blend of the two.

Session Times:

Initial Consultations: 90 mins
Follow Up Consultations: 60 mins

Maintenance, Acute Illness Consultations: 30 mins.

Available at the Woori Yallock Clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.


Woori Yallock
Mondays 9:00am – 7pm,
Wednesdays 9:00am – 5pm,
Thursdays 9:00am – 6pm
Saturdays 9:00am – 3.00pm


Kinesiology helps to identify what is needed to restore health and bring you back into balance. Your muscles are used to gain feedback and monitor information about where these imbalances are occurring.By identifying physical, structural, nutritional, energetic, mental, or emotional factors that block the body’s natural ability to heal itself, we can begin to set things right again.

The body remembers everything, and when stressful or negative events occur, they can block your energy flow.  Some of the things which affect the body’s energy are; accidents, injury, allergies, depression, stress, nervous disorders, digestion, sleep, nutrition, hormones, pain; just to name a few.

Each session is customised to your particular issues and uses Chinese meridian theory, acupressure points, emotional stress release, flower essences, nutritional support and other forms of complementary medicine to re-balance your body and restore health.



Homeopathic treatment looks at the body as a total system – emotional, nervous and immune system.
By increasing available energy, homeopathy can treat any illness such as:

Emotional – depression, ADHD, Post traumatic stress
Immune – arthritis, IBS
Nervous – anxiety, panic attacks
Contagious – colds, flu, measles
Physical – eczema, constipation
First Aid – injuries, burns, shock
Pain Management; migraines, headaches
Hormonal Imbalances: Acne, Menopause, Fertility, Pregnancy

Homeopathic remedies (medicines) are natural, safe, effective, gentle, non-toxic, non-habit forming, free of side effects and comparatively inexpensive.


Esoteric Advanced New Energy Healing

Esoteric Advanced New Energy Healing is applicable in every day life by anyone who desires to awaken their higher spiritual aspects and to live a life that is more fully attuned to the changing energy shifts of the New Millennium. It can help assist in that awakening.  It is for those who are interested in, or already active in, some form of spiritual or meditation practices.

This is a much broader spectrum of healing, and emphasizes the Wellness Stage versus the Disease Stages of older systems. It is a system developed to address the complex imbalances of people today; imbalances on the physical, etheric, astral, mental, causal, buddhic, atmic and monadic planes.  The focus is to harmonise and balance energy centres known as chakras (especially the Heart chakra) and to raise the level of one’s consciousness.

Esoteric Advanced Energy healing uses the traditional acupuncture/meridian points in specific sequences and patterns of combinations along with principles from the Jewish Kabala, Hindu Chakra System, Sacred Geometry, Spiritual and Energetic traditions.