I had my first appointment with Tania nearly 10 years ago. Over that time, she’s become someone who I trust and respect. She’s warm, engaging and down-to-earth, my love and appreciation of her work is huge! She shares her knowledge and teaches me and my children to use homeopathy in our everyday life. We now enjoy a very healthy lifestyle; people are always asking how we stay so healthy and happy.

Tania has supported me to develop a sense of faith, that through using homeopathy and other positive lifestyle choices I can keep my family well most of the time. As a single working mother this is very important to me.

The first amazing story for us is when my son was 5 and spent a week in hospital having his appendix out. He wasn’t recovering well and it looked like he would have to be re-admitted. I booked an appointment with Tania, and she noted the white coating on his tongue – his body had become overloaded with toxins associated with the medications needed for surgery.

Her remedies shifted the toxins out of his little body and restored it’s natural ability to reset. I was able to care for him at home while he recovered, and the rest of us could relax knowing that we didn’t have to keep experiencing the stress that ongoing hospital stays can create.

The second story I love to recall is when my daughter was diagnosed with pneumonia at age 6. On Friday the doctor said that probably by Monday she would be admitted to hospital. I was so grateful to be able to take her to Tania almost straight away at the home clinic. I spent the weekend focusing on using the remedies, and by Monday she had recovered so well, the doctor was in disbelief! No hospital stay was needed and no antibiotic prescription either!

Being able to rely on Tania through these times was life-changing. She has taught me to see that the health and wellbeing of my family is worth more than anything in life.

Thank-you Tania.


Hi Tania, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and your remedies. I was finally able to muster up the strength and courage to complete my victim impact statements and stat decs x two today, and remained the observer nearly all the time. When I finished the first one I had the sense of reclaiming 14yr old me back which was awesome. A little harder for the second crime and feel there’s a little sense of the 15yr old me so brutally broken at the time, but coming back in and integrating now. Wow! You’re amazing!


Thank you Tania for your intuitive knowledge and getting me back on track.


For many years now I have use complementary medicine to maintain both my physical and mental health.  I count myself lucky to have found Tania Parker as she uses my two favourite modalities, homeopathy and kinesiology.  With Tania’s expertise she discovers exactly what my body needs and my body responds beautifully to both her treatment and remedies.  Tania has assisted with getting my anxiety under control as well as dealing with past traumas.  She is very open to working with a client and has the knack of drawing out what is needed in each appointment.  I highly recommend Tania and thank the Universe for sending her to me.
Love and Light

Laura Booth

I’d like to Thank you Tania for all your support and guidance you have provided to me and my family during the last 5 years. You have been there for us through some challenging times, however with your teachings and the use of homeopathy you have shown me how to best support my families health. Homeopathy has proven to be a remarkable healing modality for us. Layer by layer it has uncovered and cleared common ailments to acute health conditions. As well as consulting with Tania for homeopathy we have also had kinesiology/esoteric Acupuncture sessions with Tania which I can’t recommend highly, with remarkable shifts and realisations occurring from these sessions. Thanks again Tania for all your love and support.

 Nic x

I highly recommend Tania for her homeopathic treatments and kinesiology therapies. Tania works from an authentic heart level and her compassionate nature completes a very potent therapy session. My family and I have had amazing results from Tania’s sessions and continue to rely on her guidance on different healing topics. You will always feel safe and open to release any issue in your life. Thank you Tania for your Light Heart work.


Hi Tania, I just wanted to send you an email of gratitude. The journey Kell has been on the last few years has been such a big one with lots of learning and growing and we have been so blessed to have some really key support people in his world. Thank you for being someone he trusts implicitly to support and help him.

You help him holistically to move forward through all sorts of challenges physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. He values it such a lot and I am so grateful that in a job where he has to be so careful about what he puts in his body to help with ailments, he can rely on you, homeopathy and kinesiology and your other skills to not only remedy, but clear, correct and ensure optimal functioning and health. You have been such a blessing to Kell and to all of us and I just wanted you to know how significant you and your work is.

Thank you

With much love,

Sandy O

Tania is a gifted healer, her intuitive and professional skills in kinesiology have supported me many times throughout the years when I have been emotionally, physically or spiritually unwell.

Last year she supported me through my most challenging health crisis, it was her gentle and calm guidance that helped me through and her homeopathic tonics and aromatherapy supported my body.
Thank you Tania, you are truly a godsend.


I am doing better than ever. Even when I am not doing so good I am doing bloody good. I recommend you all the time. Lucky not everyone takes action all at once, or you’d be swamped and needing your own session! I wish there were one of you on every corner. To me my sessions with you are at the core of true healing and wisdom surfacing. As well as release and walking away so much lighter every single time, it’s just so where it’s at…. and should be so much more available to those who need such healings and counsel.

Thank you.


I had the most amazing treatment with Tania Parker today – Chakra healing with essential oils!  If you love your essential oils and have things you’d like to shift and work through using kinesiology muscle testing then you should definitely give this deeply relaxing balance a go.  I feel released, relaxed and revived all at the same time.  Highly recommend.


A Truly Magical and Healing experience.  My life was saved multiple times through taking action to see Tania.


When I first met Tania Parker I was like Humpty Dumpty – I’d had a big fall. But unlike all the kings horses and all the kings men, Tania did put me back together again. I had been physically very unwell and mentally and emotionally drained, the results of surgery complications and years of overworking. This was unknown and frightening territory for me and I needed help. That’s when I rang and made an appointment with Tania which turned out to be the best choice I could have made.

When I didn’t know what to do or even what I needed, Tania calmly, intelligently and intuitively found the way to creating a path to complete wellness for me and I’m delighted to say that I’m still thriving upon it. If you need the assistance of someone who is not only kind and patient, someone who is dedicated and committed and someone who’s skills and ability go far beyond her excellent qualifications, then Tania Parker is who you need to call. I cannot recommend Tania highly enough!